Pilates is an integration of multiple exercises with high level of control to strengthen our body and soul. Pilates also brings you a flexible and toned physique, which is a final goal for everyone, including professional dancers, actors and supermodels.

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Pilates was designed by Joseph Pilates , a physical-culturist from Germany. During the first half of the twentieth century, he developed a system of exercises which were intended to strengthen the human mind and body. Pilates believed that mental and physical health were interrelated. It puts emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong powerhouse, and improving coordination and balance. Pilates’ system allows for different exercises to be modified in range of difficulty from beginner to advanced or to any other level, and also in terms of the instructor and practitioner’s specific goals and/or limitations. Intensity can be increased over time as the body conditions and adapts to the exercises.

Top reasons why Pilates is highly recommended include:

MEDICAL BENEFITS: Pilates help curing and preventing spinal problems such as slipped disc or spondylosis, caused by wrong postures during our daily activities (sitting, jumping, running, carrying heavy blocks, etc…). In addition, these exercises facilitates relaxation at the muscle groups that frequently encounter strains (neck, shoulder, waist, and back) and prevents dry joints and injuries. Pilates is especially good for women during pregnancy or after birth and often used as physical therapy in developed countries.

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HEALTH BENEFITS: Pilates offers a greater flexibility and promote a stronger body by burning more fat and toning and leaning all muscle groups. Pilates is considered one of the favourite workouts for Hollywood celebrity trainers, models and professional dancers to sustain their attractive and healthy physiques.

Pilates helps quickly toning up sagging muscles, especially the lower and upper abs, waist, upper and lower thighs, and the triceps. This is a critical part of the anti-aging progress especially for women.


In the past, Pilates was practiced on a Yoga mat. Today, Pilates is practiced on Reformer workbench (made of wood or metal) to promote better resistance and muscle training. Both workouts are believed to deliver positive results, given high disciplines, patience and persistence. It might seem difficult at first but gradually, you will get accustomed to the exercises and feel the whole new “you” after regular practices.

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