Reformer Pilates is a series of Pilates workouts supported by a Reformer workbench which would help you lose weight and sculpt your body a lot faster. These exercises offers a dynamic way of building your muscle strength, flexibility as well as healing methodology if you have ever encountered spinal problems or injury caused by incorrect postures. Reformer Pilates is also an effective workout superset for you to get rid of cellulites – an obvious sign of physical aging process.


The key principle of Reformer Pilates is using your body weight together with resistance bands or strings to work on selected set of muscles. This principle facilitates faster fat burning progress as it forces the musle bulk work harder. Reformer Pilates may help your kids become taller during their adolescent age.

At Pour Vous, each Reformer Pilates class only accommodates 8 participants with 1 certified instructor in order to ensure the ultimate results

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